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Volta Mobiles was founded in Paris in 2015 by the two brothers Otxo and Mario Conti. Right from the start, the specialization was in the design and production of ingenious mobiles and stables - naturally strongly influenced by the creator of the very first mobiles, the artist Alexander Calder.

In 2017 the workshop was moved south to Barcelona. Since we started in 2019, we have had this very smart company in our program. And it gives us great pleasure to work with the entire team.

All mobiles are handmade from reused metal and aluminum, so the products are all produced sustainably.

The two designers originally chose more profound philosophical names for the product names in order to give the respective mobile an additional character. These product names, some of which are no longer used, attracted us from the start and we are therefore keeping them.

Here we sell our curated selection of timeless Stabiles (mobiles with a stand) which also go under the Mobile name, as well as the true Mobiles which hang from above. Of course, on request we also cover the entire Volta Mobiles program, which has been developed in the meantime.

Products from Volta Mobiles