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Grafa Tools is a workshop for useful and aesthetic garden tools in the heart of Melbourne's Inner West in Australia. The name Grafa has ancient Nordic roots and means to dig. Behind Grafa stands Travis. In 2011, as a passionate gardener, Travis produced his first copper garden tool, based on the opinion of the Austrian naturalist movement, that the use of copper tools can benefit the soil in agriculture.

When Travis found a manageable supply of copper pipes and sheets thrown away on construction sites, he designed and made his first prototype: "Tube." In less time, his sleek range of handrail tools has evolved into wooden grip designs and other unique variations. "I love working with copper," says Travis. "

The Grafa Garden Tools are produced individually, using recycled and new copper, bronze and wood materials. Copper and bronze not only look beautiful, they are also beneficial to the soil.

The tools are made for the passionate gardener for semi-professional use e.g. in garden beds or for potting on balconies or indoors. With the correct care, they are strong enough to handle years in the garden.

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