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when objects work was founded in 2001 by Beatrice de Lafontaine and is based in Belgium. The background was originally in the exclusive design for her husband's kitchens. At that time, Beatrice de Lafontaine missed associated and timeless objects for the kitchen. This is how the original idea for when objects work came about.

Right from the start when objects work has worked with well-known designers and architects, such as Vincent Van Duysen, John Pawson, Michael Verheyden and Kristine Five Melvaer. The collection grows and grows. It is very nice to see what comes next and gives the compact and timeless program a further impulse. In the meantime, most products can be used for the entire living area, i.e. no longer limited to use in the kitchen.

Only the best suppliers in Europe produce the range from when objects work. What else.

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