Studio Corkinho

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Studio Corkinho was conceived and founded in 2013 by the Belgian-Swedish design duo Cédric Etienne & Klas Dalquist in the Portuguese hills of the Alentej. It started with the simple idea of ​​refining recovered cork bark and thus utilizing it sustainably. The goal of the duo is to change people's perception and awareness of objects and spaces. Studio Corkinho comes from a fusion of already existing values ​​such as: nature, craftsmanship, heritage, patina and atmosphere.

The aim is to contrast the origin of raw beauty with the studio's own code of simplicity. The two collections BIRTH & MOTHER were introduced in 2017. Here we present you the growing MOTHER collection in advance, whose archaic products are made from 100% organic cork scraps in a long-term process.

For every item from the Mother collection sold, a tree will be planted in northern Senegal to regenerate the forest. A nice and sinful cycle in several ways.

Products from Studio Corkinho