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Behind PRIN London stands french born product designer Ariane Prin. Since 2013, she has been developing and designing products from her RUST series in her London based workshop. RUST was first presented in 2015 during the London Design Festival - and that very successfully.

The RUST series is made from gypsum and acrylic by blending metal shavings sourced from key workshops and other metalworking workshops across London. In so far the production is also a very sustainable one.

No two items in RUST are identical: each product is handcrafted by Ariane Prin and the metal dust oxidation results in a unique texture in intensity, surface and colour. The production time of a piece is very long, since only the oxidation time is several weeks to months.

All the produced items - except miniature planters - are coated to reduce further oxidation. However, the materials in RUST can change slowly over time. This is how the collection differs from mass production. Each product is therefore a unique piece and one of a kind.

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