Kaymet London

Makers & Designers . Since 1947


Kaymet London has been producing its incomparable serving trays and serving trolleys made of anodised aluminium in London since 1947. Even the British royal family is said to be among the enthusiastic clients of the trays and serving trolleys by Kaymet London since 1948.

The trays made of aluminium are extremely light and facilitate the appropriate use for the respective user.

As a British archetype of the post-war years, the trays are suitable as a base for all porcelain tableware and cutlery and the serving trolleys are of course also suitable as a bar in the dining room. The foldable bed tray can also be used as a very cute side table outside the bedroom.

In the 1960s, Kaymet had 60 foreign agencies and employed around 200 people. In the 1970s, however, the production of the trays unfortunately declined drastically due to the plastic age.

Since 2013, however, the incomparable trays and serving trolleys have once again been manufactured in London. Although now in smaller quantities, but still in the same production steps as since 1947. So most of the work steps are still manual today.

The production location in London seems unusual nowadays, as it is expensive. However, Kaymet London would like to make a conscious statement here as well.

Kaymet London can be described as a manufactory in which traditional production methods and tradition as such are still of great importance.

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