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Coudre Berlin is a small independent design label founded in Berlin by Dimitri Moustakidis and Daniel Diederich. It began with a modern textile collection for men, driven by curiosity and the desire to create their own little COUDRE BERLIN world, to expand the range piece by piece with accessories.
Here, special attention is paid to the fabulous handmade scented candles, whose origin lies in their private kitchen in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg. This is where the first scents and candles were made at the kitchen table and also the first small series were produced here. And still, the two creators of COUDRE BERLIN pour every single candle in Berlin by hand.
Purest soya wax and natural essential oils and fragrance oils are used in the production. The soya wax is free of genetically modified materials, herbicides and pesticides. Depending on the fragrance, the essential oils or their raw materials are coming from different parts of the world. Bergamot oil is imported from Italy, patchouli from Indonesia and rosemary oil from France. Our candles offered here have a burning time of around 30 hours.

The hammam towels also offered here are at Contemporum are produced in Tunisia in a small craft business in the village of Monastir according to the designs and quality standards of COUDRE BERLIN. The hammam towels are made on old looms and this mostly manual: for example, the fringes are twisted and knotted by hand.
The towels are woven from cotton yarn. They are light, do not need much space and quickly absorb water. You can use them in the traditional way in the sauna, but also as a beach towel, in the park or as a sofa cover.


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