The name WUBET comes from Amharic - a language that is spoken in Ethiopia and means nothing other than Beauty. The Viennese designer Arnold Haas founded this wonderful brand in 2010 in his hometown. This was preceded by long stays in New York, Ethiopia and Chile. WUBET combines all the impressions from these trips and life in the two countries as well as in N.Y .

Every year Arnold Haas designs a wonderful collection of scarves, which are made from Chilean, feather-light and hand-spun alpaca wool and/or the special Ethiopian cotton (the latter will be back soon with us). The production takes place naturally in Chile and Ethiopia according to the design of WUBET. For Arnold Haas, fair working conditions and the processing of the best materials on the handloom are particularly important. WUBET also sees its role in keeping old craft companies and sustainable production methods alive.

Our hand-knotted and timeless fishingnet bags made of Chilean Chupon fiber are finished in Vienna. The leather straps are cut, sewn and attached in one of the last specialized workshops of Austria. The denim of the supplied or separately available zipper bags (inside bags) is woven in one of the last weaving mills in the Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) and of course organically dyed.


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