Teixits Vicens

Makers & Designers since 1854.


Teixits Vicens is a family-run textile factory founded in 1854 to produce the typical Mallorcan Ikat fabrics (popularly known as "roba de llengues"). These fabrics originally came from the Far East and came along the Silk Road to Europe. The production of the fabrics is mainly manual and based on the technology of Ikat. The base fabric is made of white cotton and is dyed according to the varied patterns. The Mallorcan Ikat is a versatile and robust fabric, which has as main feature on both sides the same pattern.

Teixits Vicens is one of the last establishments in Europe where the Ikat technique is mainly used in manual manufacturing.

Ikat fabrics are made from natural fibers (70% cotton and 30% linen).

Products from Teixits Vicens