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Behind paper republic stands the young Frenchman Jérôme Bacquias. Since 2013 he has been producing notebooks for travelers in his Vienna based workshop. These notebooks are made of high quality leather tanned with plants, wood and herbs as well as natural paper. Jérôme Bacquias: "Paper has shaped our history for 3000 years. We believe that paper also has a bright future. " And that's what we also at Contemporum believe in.

paper republic imports its materials from the best manufactories in Europe. For example the leather comes from Italy, where it is still tanned according to traditional methods. For the deposits produced in Vienna, paper republic uses only sustainably produced paper from the best paper mill in Scandinavia.

Since the main product of paper republic, the "grand voyager" ​​is intended as a constant companion for everyday life and travel, special emphasis is placed on the high quality of the materials used. Of course, this applies to the entire product range of the growing company.

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