Lue Brass

Maker & Designer


Ruka (Lue) Kikuchi, the craftsman and maker behind the Lue Brass brand manufactures brass products such as Cutlery and bowls in the modernist design we love since the year 2000 in Setouchi city, Okayama (Japan). In the design-scene, Lue is very very well known across his borders.

Brass is Lue´s prefered material and the making (by hand) of the products takes place purely manually in his studio. Lue's goal is that his products last a lifetime and give pleasure.

Recently, however, Lue has also makes some other designs industrially, in order to gain a wider range. At Contemporum., however, you can at the moment only buy the manually made pieces from Lue Brass - the pieces we stand for.

Some of our purchasable items may have unique markings, such as traces of hammer blows or small scratches - this underlines the handcrafted character.

Lue Brass objects are designed for everyday use, nothing else.

Products from Lue Brass