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Havelock Studio was established in 2015 by the designer  and maker Jack Havelock Bailey and is based in Kent – Great Britain.

He is specialised in high quality furniture, products and objects rooted in concept and purpose. He believes and knows, that the enjoyment of life can be improved with simple, beautiful and functional design.

With a degree from the Welsh School of Architecture in 2013, he decided to design and produce smaller volumes and build Havelock Studio.

Furniture, products and objects are in his view like buildings, and in the sense that they must be carefully designed, consulted, considered and refined to achieve an extraordinary end result.

Concrete and wood are the basic materials. And all products are handmade – with love.

The processes of making and how this informs design fascinates him, Jack Havelock Bailey uses both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques as he believes,  it is important to embrace and develop manual crafts as well as the digital.

We have been presenting the collection of concrete objects since we started in 2019.


Now (as of spring 2023) after the lock downs, Jack Bailey / Havelock Studio is concentrating exclusively on the production of very archaic and shapely vessels and bowls - in a wide variety of types of wood. Very exciting. And from autumn 2023 in our program. Nevertheless, we hope that Jack will soon be producing in concrete again.

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