Makers . Established 1862.


The name CERABELLA results from the words CERABELLA = wax and CERABELLA = bee and finds its origin in the name of the founder Francesca Abella.

The story of the traditional Spanish candle manufacturer Cerabella began in 1862 with a small shop in the center of Barcelona. At that time, candles were a vital necessity to dispel the darkness at the end of the day.
However, since the invention of electric light, Cerabella has been constantly confronted with the challenge of creating a special kind of candles, a constant search for new uses and shapes, fragrances and colors.

Cerabella is still a traditionally run family business in Barcelona, which consciously dispenses with modern machinery and manufacturing processes.
The diverse products are lovingly pulled or poured by hand.

Furthermore Cerabella cooperates with spanish architects and designers, like Oskar Tusquets Blanca, Jordi Labanda, Sybilla, André Ricard, Antonio Miró,… for around the last 20 years and has launched a design collection.

Products from Cerabella