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Asemi Co. comes from the idea of the two designers and longtime friends Yuki Ishiguro & Lars Amhof, who founded their company in 2015.

The name Asemi Co. comes from "asemic writing", a wordless, open and semantic writing form and it is up to the viewer to interpret the writing, regardless of origin or language.

"Aseptic art ultimately represents a kind of language that is universal and deeply rooted in our unconscious mind." - Satu Kaikkonen

All the products are hand-made unique pieces and are characterized by a combination of contemporary design and craftsmanship in high quality.

Asemi Co. has selected individual artisans from all over Japan to make each piece by hand and burn in a wood-burning oven, which limits the number of the cups produced. Each artist gives his cups a unique look and combines timeless design with the oldest form of Japanese ceramics.

The concept is very special, because the Asemi Co. cups look different at first glance, but all have the same basic design, which allows a versatile combination and stacking. The cups are available in two sizes.

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