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Nomon Barcelona is a leading company of indoor clocks, which creates exclusive clocks for the home, the office and for public spaces. The company puts practice into careful design processes and produces stunning pieces with a high functional and aesthetic life expectancy. Nomon avantgarde designed clocks are produced in workshops, where innovative techniques and artisan handmade processes ensure highest quality.

Furthemore Nomon Barcelona designs and produces also single pieces for the hom, like our offered champagnera or mirrors in the best offered quality.

The designer at Nomon is the Spaniard José Maria Reina, who emphasizes the aesthetic value of a clock. His designs are innovative and exceptional in both form and choice, as well as the combination of materials. The designer himself defines his watches as pieces of furniture, whereby he succeeds in developing a design object from an everyday object.

The production of our offered pieces takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

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