Jesper Jensen

Maker & Designer


The Danish designer Jesper Jensen makes glassware from discarded wine bottles - initially in a Berlin loft from 2013 to 2021. Since 2021 he has been working in his old home country of Denmark, more precisely on the small island of Mon south of Copenhagen. His goal is to make beautiful, sustainable drinking glasses without harming the environment. Each glass is handcrafted with care in his studio, even refined. His collection has remained unchanged since 2013, in that sense as timeless. And that's why it's always been in our program.

The entire production process of each product, starting from the personal collection of the bottles, the cleaning, the cutting and shaping in the oven under heat, as well as the final production takes about 24 hours.

The wooden boxes are recycled as well and come from the greengrocer around the corner.
Jesper Jensen is proud that basically the whole product is made by him from the rubbish of other people.

These glasses and carafes are an eco-friendly addition to any kitchen and bar and are also great for use in restaurants, bars and cafes.

Products from Jesper Jensen

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