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The visionary producer Bernard Albin Gras created from 1921 a series of lights for factories and their offices. The lights were for this time – thus hundred years ago - due to their nature and mechanics - without screws and soldering prevail. The design has remained timeless and even today, Lampe Gras products can still be found in many appartments, restaurants and hotels planned by architects - worldwide.

Our table lamp 205 offered here - a classic one - was designed in 1923.

The further table lamp Mantis BS3 was designed by Bernard Schottlander in 1951 for Lampe Gras  and has been reissued by DCW Lampe Gras in 2013. Bernd Schottlander, original a sculptor by profession, developed an ingenious system of weights and counterweights for his lamps.

Products from DCW Lampe Gras

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